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Maximise Your Wins with the Best Football Betting Strategy

Best Football Betting Strategy

Football betting is more than just a hobby. For many punters, it’s a serious pastime that brings excitement, makes connections with others, and results in some juicy payouts. However, if you’re new to betting, you might wonder how to unlock significant returns from football betting. But you’re in the right place! 

Today, we’re looking at the best football betting strategy and how you can apply it to your wagers. From the odds to your bankroll, our experts have weighed in on the critical topics to boost your bets. Ready? Start reading now to begin your football betting journey. 

The Importance of Research In Football Betting

Research should always be the most essential aspect when creating your betting strategy. Without knowing the sport and mitigating factors, you have no clue which way the odds will swing. Of course, betting is unpredictable. But when you know the sport inside out, you can make informed bets and increase your chances of winning. 

Factors To Research In Football Betting

All the best betting strategies will tell you to research. But they don’t always clarify what you should be looking for. Here are our expert’s top things to look out for.

  • Recent game performances – If you’re a football fan, you’re likely already on top of the latest games. But if not, make sure you look at recent performance before placing a GamStop-free football wager. 
  • Long-term trends – Alongside recent games, take a moment to examine long-term trends. For example, how long has the team been in this league? 
  • Team rivalries – Some teams have more intense rivalries than others, which can affect their gameplay. 
  • Team dynamics – Is the football team working well together? Or are players at odds with each other? 
  • Recent transfers – Any last-minute transfers can also affect the odds. A strong player may increase the likelihood of a win. However, a new player can also lead to a lack of cohesion in the team. 
  • Injuries – Injuries are another critical factor affecting the team’s success. Don’t ignore any potential ailments. 
  • Weather conditions – Finally, weather conditions can also sway the odds. Some teams are better at playing in extreme weather conditions than others. Look for high temperatures, heavy rain, or fog. 

Understanding the Odds

Understanding the odds should always be on your list, no matter which sport you’re interested in. The best betting strategy will always consider the odds, so don’t skip this step!

What Are Football Odds?

Football odds show the probability of outcomes for different football match bets. In the UK, most sportsbooks and betting sites without GamStop show football odds using the fractional odds system. 

How Do Football Odds Work?

Football odds show an event’s probability through a numerical value. Fractional odds use the slash (/) symbol for this. The first number shows the potential profit, and the second the stake.

For example, odds of 6/1 mean you’ll win £6 for every £1 you wager. 

Higher odds show a less likely income but a higher payout if it happens. This is a riskier bet. Lower odds are more likely to happen and much safer to bet on, but they have lower payouts. 

Punters must research and assess the odds to work out potential winnings vs risk. Using a strategic approach is the best way to maximise your winnings.

The Importance Of Bankroll Management

All of the best football betting systems use disciplined bankroll management. This protects your finances and helps you make the most of your budget. Here’s a quick overview of your bankroll and how to manage it. 

What Is A Bankroll?

A betting bankroll is the budget you allocate for sports betting. This is a set amount that you can afford to spend and lose on gambling. To create a bankroll, you need to assess your income and expenses and determine how much you can spend without affecting your finances. This looks different for every punter. 

How To Manage Your Bankroll

Once created, you need to learn how to manage your bankroll. We’ve gathered the top tips to ensure your football betting strategy is fool-proof.

  • Use the unit system – Some punters divide their bankroll into smaller amounts (units) and use these to keep track of how much they spend per bet. Units are typically 1-3% of the overall bankroll.
  • Keep records – Alongside setting up a bankroll system, it’s helpful to keep records of your bets as you go. 
  • Analyse your performance – Successful bettors typically spend time analysing their long-term process and make edits to their bankroll in response to wins or losses. So, don’t leave it down to guesswork!
  • Diversify bets – You can minimise significant financial losses by spreading your wagers across different matches, markets, and football leagues. This avoids big risks as you’re not spending your bankroll all in one place.

The Benefits Of Managing Your Bankroll

Keeping track of your bankroll comes with multiple benefits. Here’s why it’s part of the best betting strategy for football:

  • It helps you mitigate risks and financial losses.
  • It provides long-term sustainability.
  • A managed bankroll builds emotional stability and less reactionary betting.
  • Managed bankrolls help you adapt to evolving market conditions.
  • Reflecting and learning from your bankroll improves your knowledge and decision-making.

Betting On The Underdog

Wagering on the underdog may not come to mind when thinking about the best sports betting strategy, but it’s something all budding bettors should consider. 

In football betting, the underdog is the team with a perceived lower chance of winning. The odds for the underdog to win are higher, meaning they’re much less likely but come with a significant payoff if correct.

While betting on the underdog comes with the chance of higher returns, you should never place underdog bets without research and analysis. 

So, don’t talk yourself out of underdog bets. But at the same time, don’t rush into them without thinking. 

Avoiding Emotional Decisions

Staying calm and collected is critical when it comes to betting. To make well-informed, rational wagers and to follow the best football betting system, you need to avoid emotional or impulsive decisions. 

To help you remain focused, we’ve gathered the top five expert tips for staying neutral:

1. Use A Betting Strategy

The first tip is to use a solid betting strategy. As you already know, betting strategies can help you maximise your wins and stay in control of your bankroll. But they also help you avoid impulse bets as you’re instead focusing on a concrete plan.

2. Take Frequent Breaks

Strong emotions can leave you distracted. It’s best to take breaks after wins or losses to clear your mind and ensure your judgement doesn’t become clouded. 

Frequent breaks can also help you avoid burnout and stress, making you less likely to make uninformed decisions. It’s also a great way to check in with how you’re feeling and to reassess your performance and strategy for future wagers.

3. Use Predefined Wager Sizes

As discussed in the bankroll guide, using set wager sizes (or units) can help you avoid spending too much in one go. Predefined stakes help you avoid impulse spending and keep your bankroll consistent. This also helps you avoid big losses. So, avoid betting large amounts in one go!

4. Forget Personal Biases 

If you’re a big football fan and have grown up with the sport, it can be challenging to look past your personal biases. However, to make rational decisions, this is paramount. Forget who your favourite teams are. Instead, look at the odds and the facts and use these to gauge who has the better chance of winning.

5. Bet While Sober

Betting and drinking are closely linked. Having a pint while watching football or a glass of fizz at the races is normal. However, examine how well your bets perform when placed under the influence. Most punters are more likely to make impulsive wagers or larger stakes after a few drinks. For the best returns, it might be better to avoid alcohol while sports betting.

Utilising Live Betting

There are many ways to bet on football matches, and one new punter should experiment with is live betting. 

Live (or in-play) betting is a format of betting that allows you to wager while the football match unfolds. With these bets, you don’t need to make a final wager before the match starts. You can bet as the game develops, giving you time to react to the action as it happens. 

Benefits Of Live Football Betting

Unsure whether live football betting is for you? See the top benefits of this strategy below.

  • The chance to wager on dynamic odds 
  • A wider range of betting markets (e.g. total goals, corner kicks, next goal scorer)
  • Real-time betting and a more engaging in-game experience
  • Chance to use the in-game cash-out feature
  • Strategic advantage for those who prefer analysing in-game odds and statistics
  • An overall more immersive betting experience

Live betting isn’t for everyone. But it’s absolutely worth a try if you’re new to sports betting. So, download a sports betting app or log into the independent bookies and get ready for the next match.

Staying Disciplined

Staying disciplined is an integral part of sports betting. Like avoiding emotional bets, you need to remain calm and consistent for the best results. Even if consistent bets don’t feel as exciting, over time, you’ll see that they’re bringing steady returns and fewer losses. 

Here are some ways you can keep yourself disciplined while football betting:

1. Avoiding Chasing Losses

Chasing losses is a common mistake football punters make. After a series of losses, you might be tempted to place large wagers to recoup lost cash. However, this is a quick way to lose more money. 

Instead, stick to your strategy and stay consistent. Over time, any losses will balance out and make less of a dent in your bankroll than they would if you upped your wager and placed more bets. 

2. Only Betting At Certain Times

Another way some bettors maintain discipline is by only betting on certain days or during specific times. For example, only on the weekends or after work. 

3. Setting Personal Betting Limits 

You may also want to set a personal betting limit. This could be a specific amount of money per match or a predetermined amount of bets per match.

4. Regularly Analyse Bets & Bankroll

Regularly assessing your recent bets and bankroll is another way to maintain discipline. This will remind you of your strategy and help you make informed decisions in the future. If you don’t analyse your spending, you may accidentally make the same mistakes or not realise when your bets aren’t bringing big returns.

5. Continue Educating Yourself

Finally, you should continue learning about football, betting strategies, and anything related to sports betting. There’s always new information being published, so keep up to date with the latest news from BBC Sports, ESPN, and independent sports betting websites. 

Don’t forget to also keep an eye out for last-minute football updates. Sign up for newsletters or follow news outlets on social media to ensure you get accurate information just before the games begin.

Tracking Your Progress

Last but not least, you should track your progress to ensure you have the best football betting strategy.

Tracking your progress allows you to evaluate your performance through wins and losses. This gives you accurate insights into your strengths and weaknesses and tells you where to improve.

Looking at your progress can also give you confidence, as you’ll see how well your strategy is working. Perfect if you want to see how far you’ve come or have to go until you meet your goals. 

Other benefits of tracking your progress include:

  • Keeping yourself accountable for your bankroll and betting decisions
  • Helps to avoid emotional and impulse betting
  • Makes tracking goals much easier
  • Informs bankroll management
  • Provides accurate insights into your strategy’s success

The Best Football Betting Strategy – The Takeaway

Creating a solid football betting strategy takes time and effort, but once you’re making bets with confidence, you’ll be glad you did. Hopefully, this complete guide has shown you the top elements you need for a successful betting strategy and inspired you to get started. Bookmark this page so you can come back and assess your journey in the future!
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