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Gambling with a Credit Card: What You Need to Know

Can You Gamble With A Credit Card In The UK

Credit card gambling is a hot topic. While these helpful cards provide convenience and quick transactions, they can also lead punters into making impulsive decisions and promote problem behaviours. So, it’s easy to say they’re not as straightforward as alternative payment options. 

Today, we’re answering a common FAQ – “Can you gamble with a credit card?” We’ll also dive into the dangers of credit card gaming and what alternatives you should explore. Keep reading to learn more about responsible gambling and credit card payments. Let’s get started.

Credit Card Gambling: A Risky Business

Credit card gambling refers to using credit cards to fund wagers and bets with bookies and casinos. 

Many deem credit cards risky or unsafe as they allow bettors to borrow money that they don’t actually have, which increases their risk of debt, high-interest rates, and addiction. 

Because of this, many regulatory bodies don’t accept credit card transactions. The UKGC banned credit cards in 2020, and they even checked punters’ e-wallet transactions to see whether credit cards initially uploaded the funds.

The Dangers of Using Credit Cards for Gambling

Knowing the dangers of using credit cards is imperative. There are betting sites that accept credit cards, but you need to know the potential risks of this payment method before you jump in. 

Here are the common drawbacks to note:

  • Debt – One of the significant risks of credit card gambling is accumulating debt. Credit cards sometimes tempt punters to spend more than they can afford to repay.
  • Interest charges – Alongside debt, credit cards come with high-interest charges. These can build up even if you only make small wagers.
  • Addictive behaviours – Having access to credit can contribute to addictive behaviours and compulsive spending. 
  • Financial hardships – Reliance on credit cards and accumulating debt can lead to financial hardships and potential bankruptcy.
  • Credit score impacts – Using a credit card and making late payments or missing payments altogether can lower your credit score and make it more challenging to apply for loans.

Credit Card Companies Crack Down on Gambling Transactions

It isn’t just gambling licensing bodies cracking down on credit card transactions. Credit card companies and banks also offer gambling block features

Like self-exclusion schemes, bank gambling blocks are free tools that block any gambling-related purchases. These work for both online casinos and sportsbooks and in-person gambling. 

These features are also named “gambling restrictions” and “card freezes.” You can find them under the “merchant control” or “card control” settings tab on your banking app. 

Luckily, using a gambling block doesn’t affect your credit score. Only your bank or credit card provider will know you’re using these safety features.

Alternatives to Using Credit Cards for Online Gambling

If you’re searching “Can you gamble with a credit card?” you might not want to hear. However, plenty of popular alternative payment options are accepted across major online casinos and GamStop-free sportsbooks

Find the top alternatives to credit cards below:

  • Debit cards – Debit cards are one of the most popular ways to gamble. Unlike credit cards, you can’t borrow funds, meaning you’re less at risk of debt.
  • E-wallets – E-wallets are another in-demand payment option. These allow you to fund a digital wallet via your card, keeping your payments safe and secure. Top options include PayPal and Neteller. 
  • Bank transfers – Bank transfers take your cash directly from your bank account to the sportsbook. This can take longer than other payment options.
  • Cryptocurrency – Crypto payments are slowly becoming more popular, but they’re not accepted at every betting site or casino. 

Protecting Yourself from Credit Card Fraud in the Gambling Industry

Another risk of using a credit card for online gambling is fraud. While uncommon, there is a risk of a fraudster stealing your details and making purchases on your card. 

To keep yourself and your fund protected, use these tips to bypass credit card fraud:

  • Only gamble on reputable websites
  • Monitor your account activity for strange transactions
  • Use two-factor authentication on your card
  • Don’t share your personal information
  • Use spending limits to prevent big transactions

The Future of Credit Card Use in the Gambling World

Since more companies, banks, and regulatory bodies are acknowledging the risks of credit card gambling, it’s unlikely that more online casinos and sportsbooks will start accepting credit card payments. 

While there are a few independent bookmakers that accept this method, the future of credit card use at UKCG-regulated websites is unlikely. 

However, this doesn’t mean easy payments are a thing of the past. With new financial technology, secure e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are set to take over. Perfect if you’re looking for a safe alternative.

Also, there’s likely to be more consumer awareness of the harms of credit card gambling. This will lead to healthier behaviours and fewer risks to punters’ financial health. We’ll also probably see better regulatory interventions and safety tools – like credit card blocks.

Responsible Gambling: Tips for Using Credit Cards Wisely

If you’re Googling “Can you gamble with a credit card UK” and want to use your card despite the risks, it’s essential that you take precautions. Here are some final tips to help you practise safe credit card use. 

1. Only Wager What You Can Afford

Credit cards allow you to spend more than you earn. However, you should avoid the temptation and only bet as much as you can afford to pay back. Otherwise, you might end up in debt or with financial problems.

2. Monitor Your Transactions

Regularly reflect on your spendings to check you’re sticking to your allocated budget. You should also read through your transactions to check for fraudulent activity.

3. Take Breaks And Set Limits

If your credit card offers limits, use them to your advantage. These can stop you from betting too much or too often. Likewise, take breaks from gambling to avoid compulsive spending.

4. Read The Credit Card Terms

Before making a wager, read through the credit card terms and conditions. Some credit cards don’t allow any gambling transactions. In this case, using your card on betting websites or casinos might result in a hefty fine or ban.

5. Seek Assistance When Needed

Finally, if you notice that you’re struggling to manage your gambling habits or overspending, seek support from professional gambling charities or debt organisations. These teams are here to provide non-judgemental and anonymous advice and won’t disclose anything you say to your bank or card company.

Can You Gamble With A Credit Card? The Takeaway

Credit card gambling is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as banks and regulatory bodies ban the payment method. However, there are still a few places that accept credit cards. Hopefully, this blog has helped you understand the risks and how to stay safe with credit card betting. If in doubt, reach out to a betting charity or organisation for personal advice.
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