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How To Bet On Grand National: Betting Tips and Strategies

How To Bet On Grand National: Betting Tips and Strategies

Knowing how to bet on Grand National day is critical if you want to seriously enjoy the races. After all, betting on the races is a British pastime, so why shouldn’t you join the fun?

However, before you go all in with your wagers, take a moment to read up on the basics of betting and how to bet on the Grand National online. This way, you can supercharge your bets and make the most of the classic event. Scroll down to become an expert in minutes!

How To Bet On The Grand National: The Basics You Need To Know

Learning how to place a bet on the Grand National isn’t rocket science. 

This is excellent news for any keen bettors who want to jump in ASAP. Below, we’ll quickly run through the basics of how to bet on Grand National online to bring any newbies up to speed.

How Do I Place A Bet On The Grand National?

These days, knowing how to put a bet on the Grand National is simple. Here’s a step-by-step process you can use for most online bookies:

  • Explore a selection of online bookmakers and create an account with the one that meets your needs best.
  • Add any sports bonus codes to your account (if available).
  • Navigate to the Grand National event on the sportsbook.
  • Find the market and selection you want to bet on. For example, the Grand National Winner or the specials market.
  • Add your selections to your bet slip and enter your stake.
  • Confirm your bet. 

And that’s how to place a bet on the Grand National! Remember, some sportsbooks have different formats. Always read the terms and conditions before you get started.

Common Types Of Grand National Bets

Now you know how to put a bet on the Grand National online, you’ll need to understand the two main types of bets available to you: win-only and each-way.

A win-only bet is where your chosen horse must win the race outright. Alternatively, you can place an each-way bet. This is effectively two bets in one, as you’re wagering on your horse to win and where it will place. 

Understanding The Grand National Odds

Alongside learning how to bet online for the Grand National, you need to learn more about the odds system. 

The Grand National uses fractional odds (also known as British odds). This is where the odds are separated by a slash (/) to show how much money you’ll win in comparison to your initial stake. 

Let’s take 5/1 for example. The left number (5) is how much you’ll win, and the right number (1) is how much you’ll wager. So, for every £1 you bet, you’ll win £5 – but only if your bet is successful.

If you’re new to betting or the British system, start with small bets and read basic betting guides. This way, you can build up your knowledge before jumping in with large or risky wagers.

7 Expert Tips For Betting On The Grand National

If you’ve caught yourself searching, “How can I bet on the Grand National?” we’re here to help. We’ve worked with industry experts to curate a list of the seven best tips for non-GamStop horse racing betting. See the insider information below.

1. Read Betting Guides

The first step any new punter should take before wagering is to read some basic guides. So, you’re in the right place if you’ve been Googling “How to bet online Grand National.” Though research seems tedious, knowing the basic rules before spending money will help you increase your chances of winning.

2. Get Involved With The Horse Racing Scene

Next, you should also do a little research on the Grand National. How familiar are you with horse racing? If you’re completely new to the sport, learn how the races work, the race conditions, and which trainers are involved in the race. Knowing the background information is key to making informed bets.

3. Budget Your Bets

Budgeting your bankroll is another critical tip. Without a betting budget, you’re more likely to overspend or bet more than you can afford. This can lead to financial problems and problem behaviours down the road, so setting up healthy habits from the get-go is vital.

4. Diversify Your Bets

When it comes to big sporting events, diversifying your bets is a successful strategy. This manages risk and enhances the potential of winnings because your wagers aren’t all in one market, and you’re safeguarded against a big loss from an unpredictable event. 

So, take a look at all of the Grand National races. Don’t limit yourself to one option!

5. Shop Around For Better Odds

Did you know that different bookies offer different odds? That’s right, each sportsbook provides its own odds. Look around before settling on one website to find odds and prices that work for you. 

6. Choose A Reputable Online Bookmaker

While you’re following the previous tip and looking for the best odds, also take the time to look for a reputable sportsbook. Some sportsbooks aren’t as trustworthy as you think. You can ensure you’re playing on a safe site by looking for UKGC or European betting sites

7. Take Advantage Of Bonuses & Promotions

When you’ve found a reputable sportsbook that ticks your Grand National betting needs, there’s one final factor to check – the available promos and bonuses. 

Some sportsbooks provide welcome offers, bonus funds, and even free bets. There may even be some Grand National-specific promos to celebrate the event. Don’t forget to add these to your account before you start betting, as bonus funds are a fantastic way to boost your wagers. 

Strategies To Maximise Your Grand National Winnings

Now we’ve covered “How do I bet on the Grand National” and some expert tips, we’ll share a few more expert strategies you can use to maximise your winnings. But make sure you have the basics down before exploring these!

Consider Each-Way And Win-Way Bets

We’ve already mentioned diversifying your bets, but it’s worth mentioning again since it’s such an important tip. The Grand National can be an unpredictable event, and each-way bets can provide returns even if your horse doesn’t come in first. So, don’t be tempted to only bet win-ways.  

Monitor The Latest Odds And Market Trends

As the race approaches, odds might move, and market trends may change. Sudden shifts can provide extra insight into the odds, and if you adapt your strategy to match these changes, you might tap into an unnoticed trend. For example, unexpected support for a certain horse is worth noting before making your wager.

Be Informed About Jockey Changes And Stable Form

Like odds and market trend changes, you should also follow jockey and stable information. There are sometimes last-minute jockey changes, and knowing which horses come from high-quality stables can tell you a lot about the potential race performance. Following the Grand National on social media is a great way to learn more about these factors.

Take Advantage Of In-Play Betting Opportunities

Finally, you can maximise your winnings by using in-play or live betting features. The action happens as the race unfolds, and you can place live bets based on unexpected changes. Of course, you need to pay a lot of attention while placing live bets. But making quick decisions can pay off if you time them right!

Choosing The Right Bookmaker For Your Bets

Searching “Grand National how to bet online” will bring up some top-tier sites, but some low-quality ones may appear, too. It’s always best to double-check before creating an account.

To ensure you’re playing with a reputable bookmaker, there are factors you should look out for. Here are the main ones to examine:

  • A reputable gambling licence (e.g. UKGC, MGA, or Curacao)
  • Legitimate payment options
  • A variety of high-value bonuses
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Wide betting options and live betting
  • Excellent user reviews

Check your potential non-GamStop betting site against these criteria before you play. 

Also, don’t choose the first bookmaker that tells you how to place an online bet on the Grand National! No two bookies are the same, so shopping around and exploring your options is always advised. 

How To Manage Your Bankroll Responsibly

Whether betting on the Grand National or football betting sites not on GamStop, you must manage your bankroll responsibly. 

A bankroll is the total amount of money punters set aside for sports wagering. You can also call this your betting budget. A dedicated bankroll allows you to manage risk and cap your spending, protecting you from financial harm.

Well-managed bankrolls aren’t only budgeted but also have specifically sized bets to make sure you don’t spend too much in one go. Discipline is needed to avoid excessive losses, so keep to your budget and don’t make frequent big bets. 

Common strategies for healthy bankroll management include:

  • Setting a specific budget/amount of cash you’re happy to lose
  • Avoiding risky bets that could diminish your funds
  • Making smaller wagers
  • Only betting for limited periods

Once you know how to bet online on the Grand National, you should dedicate time to organising your bankroll. This concept is also used for casino gambling and slots, so if you dabble on the reels, you may already know how to manage your cash. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Betting On The Grand National

You might know how to put a bet online for the Grand National, but do you know what to avoid when betting? We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Here are some common mistakes our experts see year after year at the races. 

Chasing Losses

Sometimes, it might be tempting to chase your losses by upping your wagers. However, this is a quick and easy way to neglect your bankroll and fall into unhealthy habits. Take a few moments before every bet to assess whether it’s a planned decision or an emotional reaction.

Ignoring Each-Way Bets

Most of the top horse racing information online only focuses on win-only bets. But don’t neglect each-way bets. These are a strategic choice for the Grand National, as the race is often unpredictable. Unlike win-way bets, an each-way bet may result in winnings even if your horse doesn’t win outright.

Not Researching The Sport

There’s nothing wrong with betting on a new sport! It’s an exciting new beginning. However, don’t jump in without doing your research. Spend time learning about the jockeys, horses, and recent performances to help you hedge your bets. Knowing the intricacies of the sport also increases your enjoyment, so it’s a win-win for you and your luck.

Forgetting Weather Conditions

If the UK is known for one thing, it’s variable weather conditions. The Grand National is held in April, a month that can be sunny, cold, and rainy – and sometimes all in one day! Weather conditions can be a significant performance factor, so consider this when choosing your winner. 

Only Watching Favourites

It’s easy to get caught up in the favourites’ buzz, but it can also limit your potential winnings. There have been plenty of past surprises at the Grand National, so don’t overlook the long shots and underdogs.

Missing Jockey Changes

Keep an eye out for those all-important jockey changes! Missing a last-minute substitution can seriously affect your bets, especially if a skilled jockey can’t race. 

Following The Hype 

If you follow the Grand National build-up in the news or social media, you’ll know that certain horses or jockeys receive a lot of time in the limelight. But don’t be swayed by the media. Try to keep an unbiased view. Otherwise, you might miss crucial insights.

Not Monitoring Odds Changes

Finally, once you understand how to bet online for Grand National, don’t walk away until the race starts! Keep monitoring the odds up until the big moment. Last-minute odds changes may hint at other punters’ feelings and insider knowledge.

Enjoying The Thrill Of The Race – The Takeaway

Hopefully, this blog has answered all your horse racing betting questions. Understanding how to place a bet online for the Grand National is essential. So, keep this guide close to hand as the big event nears. Good luck!

Want to top up your knowledge? Read more betting guides on the Betting Non-GamStop blog.

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