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How To Bet On Horses: Tips And Tricks for Beginners

How To Bet On Horses: Tips And Tricks for Beginners

Learning how to bet on horses is an exciting challenge. The races have been a British favourite for centuries, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get stuck in. But make sure you know how to put a bet on a horse first!

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a little rusty, we’re here to provide expert advice. So, keep on reading to learn how to place a bet on a horse race and the best strategies to maximise your enjoyment from our team of industry professionals. You’ll be ready to go in minutes. 

How To Bet On Horse Racing: The Basics

The best way to learn how to place a bet on a horse is to first understand the different bets you can make. These bets rarely change from the Grand National to Cheltenham, so make sure you know the most common options.

Common UK horse racing bets include:

  • Win-way bets – Betting on the winner
  • Each-way bets – A two-part bet on the selection to win and the selection to place
  • Double – A single bet on outcomes in two different events
  • Accumulator – Four or more selections in one bet (all must win)

You should also find a reputable betting site, especially if you want to know how to bet horses online. Look for reputable British and European betting sites, credible licensing information, high-value bonuses, legitimate payment methods, and various betting options. 

Understanding Horse Racing Odds & Payouts

When learning how to bet on horses for beginners, you need to know how to read odds and calculate payouts. 

UK horse races use fractional (British) odds, which are displayed with a slash (/). The first number shows the potential profit, and the second number is the stake. A higher first number (numerator) gives a higher profit, and the second shows the amount you need to wager to unlock the profit. 

For example, 6/1 odds mean that you can win £6 for every £1 wagered. 

This type of odds is usually seen in British sports betting. So, you’ll likely see it for football and cricket betting not on GamStop, too.

How To Choose The Right Horse

Choosing the right horse is at the heart of horse racing betting. 

So, how do you bet on horses that are more likely to win? Well, there are some factors to look for that indicate a particular horse might be in for a good race. These include:

  • Examining the horse’s physical form – Look for a healthy, well-groomed horse that’s calm before the start of the race
  • Look at the horse’s previous performances – Has it won many recent events? Or is it on a losing streak?
  • Consider the jockey and trainer’s experience – Horse racing is also down to the jockey and trainer’s skills
  • Look at the weather conditions – Bad weather can make for a more difficult race
  • Think about the track surface – Some horses perform better on certain terrains than others

This may seem like a lot of information if you’re new and learning how to place a bet on horse racing. However, it’s easy to pick up, especially after watching a few races and seeing how your bets turn out.

5 Strategies For Successful Horse Betting

Understanding how to bet on horse races is one thing, but having strategies for successful betting is another! Once you’ve set up your sportsbook or betting site not on GamStop account and decided on which races you want to bet on, it’s time to get serious with some expert strategies. See our top five below.

1. Don’t Just Bet On The Favourites

As tempting as it is, you shouldn’t save your wagers for the favourites. The first rule of how to horse race bet is to acknowledge that the races are unpredictable. If you want success, you should consider the underdogs and longshots, too.

2. Diversify Your Bets

Similarly, to know how to bet on horses and win, you’ll need to place a mixture of win-way and each-way bets. Thanks to horse racing’s unpredictability, there’s a small likelihood that each of your horses will place first. However, there’s a higher probability that they’ll place in the top three. So, place a mixture of bets to maximise your luck.

3. Monitor The Odds 

Monitoring the odds until the last minute is the best way to work out insider tips and last-minute information. For example, the odds might suddenly swing towards one horse ten minutes before the race. Better to know than find out after the starting pistol. 

4. Consider Live Or In-Play Betting

Want to take your horse racing betting one step further? Embrace live or in-play betting. As we’ve stated, the races can be extremely unpredictable. So, you can embrace the game’s chaotic nature by betting as the action unfolds. Perfect for those who want to get seriously immersed in the action.

5. Look For Signs Of A Confident Horse

If you’ve done your research while learning how to place a horse racing bet, you should know the signs of a confident horse. This can give you insight into which horse will perform the best. For example, a calm, well-groomed horse will likely run better than a jittery one.

Expert-Approved Tips For Managing Your Bankroll

This wouldn’t be an article on how to bet on horse races for beginners without giving some guidance on managing your bankroll! 

Your bankroll (or allocated betting budget) is critical for long-term betting success. If mismanaged, you may be at risk of financial problems or problem gambling behaviours.

You should establish a betting budget to keep your bankroll healthy and yourself protected. This should be an amount that you can afford to lose. Once created, divide the budget into smaller amounts (units) to avoid making big bets, as these can result in significant losses. 

You should monitor your bets regularly and keep track of your wins and losses. This keeps your finances organised and lets you know when it might be time to cool off. Discipline is vital to staying safe while betting. If it ever becomes compulsive, contact a professional gambling organisation for non-judgmental advice.

Common Horse Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Alongside learning strategies for success when studying how to bet on horse racing online, you must examine common pitfalls. Here are some mistakes our experts routinely see:

  • Chasing losses
  • Ignoring track conditions and race history
  • Impulsive or emotional betting
  • Overlooking horse form and fitness
  • Betting on favourites
  • Betting without research

A common theme you’ll notice when learning how to bet on horses online is that you need to do your research. An informed punter always stands in better stead than one who places random wagers!

Enjoying The Thrill Of The Race: Final Thoughts

So, if you’ve been Googling “How do I bet on horse racing online,” we hope this article has given you a brief run-through of the basics. From the odds to insider tips, we hope this has helped you get ready for a day at the races!

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