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Learn How To Bet On World Cup Matches

How To Bet On World Cup Matches

Every four years, keen bettors get the chance to back their home team in a fiercely awaited international competition. But before you go all in and support your favourite country, take a few minutes to brush up on the best tactics. You’ll thank yourself when you receive a big payout!

In this guide, we’re looking at how to bet on World Cup matches and what you need to know before you begin. Scroll down to get the lowdown in minutes.

World Cup Betting Basics

If you want to know how to bet on World Cup not on GamStop matches, the basics are the first place to start. 

Though this international football tournament is well-known, bettors must have some prior knowledge to ensure successful wagers. The main components of World Cup betting include the types of bets, understanding the odds, and knowing how to research. 

Top Types of World Cup Bets

Betting on the World Cup is more than just depositing a stake. There are plenty of different wagers you can explore. If you’re already familiar with football not on GamStop, you might recognise these. Here are the most popular options:

  • Over/under goals
  • Correct score
  • Win-draw-win (match outcome)
  • First goalscorer
  • Overall tournament winner

What to Research When World Cup Betting

Research is vital when it comes to sports betting, but you need to know what factors to analyse. For the World Cup, you need to look at the following:

  • Team form and recent performance
  • Weather conditions (i.e. extreme heat)
  • Historical trends and rivalries
  • Injuries
  • Managerial experience
  • Team dynamics 
  • Group stage draw
  • Venue conditions (e.g. artificial turf vs grass)
  • Player fitness

These factors can all affect the final outcome. Keep researching until you place your bet to ensure an accurate prediction!

Understanding the Odds

UK sportsbooks and non-GamStop betting sites use fractional odds for World Cup matches. European and Asian betting outlets use decimal odds. 

Fractional odds use slashes (/) to show the potential payout vs the stake needed. For example, odds of 9/1 show that you’ll win £9 for every £1 on a successful bet. 

Decimal odds show the probability via decimal figures (e.g. 5.00). You must multiply your stake by the odds to work out your winnings. For example, 5.00 x £1 = £5 winnings (including the original stake).

Higher odds have the possibility of a big payout, but they come with more risk. Low odds are more likely to happen but have smaller winnings. To make an informed decision, weigh the odds vs risk and calculate your potential payout before betting.

5 Tips for Successful World Cup Betting

Knowing how to bet on the World Cup is easy when you have expert-approved tips on your side. Here are five crucial tips you need to know:

1. Watch The Latest News

The news and team updates constantly change, so bettors must keep their eyes on the latest information to ensure they don’t miss any tactical insights. Last-minute changes can affect the odds, from injuries to line-up changes, and you must be ready to adjust.

2. Consider Value 

Alongside the odds, you should also consider the value of potential bets. Sometimes, bookies under or overestimate the probability of an event happening. You can use your research to look for discrepancies in the odds and use these to your advantage.

3. Shop Around For Odds

Bookmakers set their own odds, so each platform will have different options. To make sure you’re getting the best deal, you should compare different betting sites and opt for one with the best value.

4. Understand The Betting Markets

There are many different markets to bet on during the World Cup, so familiarise yourself with a few before the event starts. Some bettors enjoy wagering on the overall match outcome, whereas others have a knack for goal minutes. Tailor your skills to the right market.

5. Diversify Your Bets

Diversifying your bets across different markets and matches helps to minimise risk and secure consistent returns. Don’t put all of your bets in one basket!

Best Betting Strategies for World Cup Matches

Once you’ve worked out how to bet on World Cup matches, it’s time to apply some strategy. Below are three popular techniques bettors use to make the most of their wagers:

1. Value Betting

Value betting is a popular strategy for most football fans. This involves looking for odds that underestimate the actual probability of something happening (based on your analysis).

2. Betting Against The Public

Public opinion can sway bookmaker’s odds. If there’s lots of buzz around one team but no stats to back it up, you might want to bet against the public consensus. 

3. Tactical Analysis 

Many bettors focus on the tactical approaches of teams and managers and see how they match up to their opponents. With the strategy, you’re looking at playing styles, formations, and coaching decisions rather than the odds.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on World Cup Matches

Tips and strategies are helpful, but understanding common errors will take your World Cup wagers to the next level. 

The top mistakes World Cup bettors make include:

  • Selecting the first sportsbook you find
  • Ignoring bankroll management
  • Overlooking value bets
  • Overconfidence in public favourites
  • Chasing losses
  • Impulse betting 
  • Not using live betting features

Top World Cup Betting Sites to Try

You’ll need a reliable online betting site when you’re ready to join the game. With thousands of options available, you must find one that’s trustworthy and safe. 

A good way to find a reputable site is via expert reviews. However, you can also look for sites with legitimate licences, top security features, and abundant sports and markets. 

Our team of industry experts have combed the internet looking for the best World Cup bookies. Here are some of their favourites:

How to Stay Safe and Secure When Betting on World Cup Matches

Nothing ruins a football match more than an unsafe betting website. Without robust security, some sportsbooks leave you vulnerable to fraud and theft. Luckily, this can be avoided by picking a genuine website. 

You should avoid websites without licences or SSL security features to stay safe and secure while betting. Most high-quality betting sites display their licence and security information on the homepage or footer.

You should also keep your personal information private. If anyone contacts you and asks for your password or PIN, you should report the message and block the account.

Other ways to stay safe include:

  • Using two-factor authentication
  • Paying via protected e-wallets
  • Following responsible gambling techniques

How To Bet On World Cup Games: The Bottom Line

World Cup betting is only available every four years, so make the most of it when the tournament arrives. Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to get involved in the action. Forward this blog to your buddies to help them get ready for the big games! 
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