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How To Win Football Betting: Tips to Win Big

How To Win Football Betting

It’s frustrating to dabble in football betting but not have any wins, especially if your friends seem to win every wager they make. However, successful football bets are down to your strategy and understanding of the game. After a bit of research, you’re always more likely to make a winning bet.

In this blog, we’re here to help you learn how to win a football bet. This guide has everything you need to know, from choosing a sportsbook to avoiding common errors. Let’s go!

Understanding Football Betting Basics & The Odds

Before you make your first wager, you need to understand the basics of football betting. Luckily, these are very simple. 

Firstly, you need to understand football odds. Football odds are shown in the UK with a slash (/) via fractional odds. For example, 7/1. With these odds, the first number shows the potential winnings and the second how much you need to wager. 

For example, 7/1 odds give you £7 for every £1 wagered. So, if you wagered £10 and won, you’d win £70.

The higher the odds, the more risky the bet is. However, higher odds have bigger payouts. Lower odds are more likely to happen but come with smaller payouts.

Your aim is to assess the game and the odds and pick a winning bet. However, this takes research and strategy, as we’ll explain below.

Choosing the Right Online Sportsbook

Another step you need to take before making a wager is which sportsbook or non-GamStop betting site you’ll use.

Some bookies are more reliable than others, so don’t create an account with the first you see. Instead, use the criteria below to help you find a reputable football bookie. 

  • Look for legitimate licences – Licences from the UKGC, Curacao eGaming, and the MGA ensure a reliable gambling experience.
  • Varied payment methods – The more payment options, the better. Look for sportsbooks that take debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and bookies that accept credit cards.
  • Lots of football betting options – There’s no point signing up for a bookies if they don’t offer football betting. Check out the sportsbook before you create an account, and look for multiple leagues, markets, and competitions.
  • Reliable customer support – Customer support is central to any good sportsbook. Look for options with 24/7 access and different contact methods.
  • High-value bonuses – Free bets and sports welcome packages instantly elevate your wagers. Don’t forget the bonuses and promos page when researching!
  • Read real reviews – From player reviews to expert sports betting site reviews, you can learn a lot from genuine experiences. 
  • Mobile optimisation – These days, most players prefer betting via mobile. Make sure your chosen sportsbook is mobile-friendly or offers an app before starting.

What Football Leagues Are Available?

Most reputable sportsbooks allow betting on all popular football leagues. This includes the Premier League, the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1. Other popular competitions include the FA Cup, Asian Cup, Africa Cup of Nations, UEFA Champions League, and the Europa League.

Developing A Winning Strategy

How many football bets are you familiar with? Knowing how the most popular bets and strategies work before playing is essential. Memorise the options before or bookmark the page to make sure you don’t lose them.

These bets are the most popular on the UK football betting scene:

1. Match Result

The most simple type of football bet you can place is a match result wager. With this format, you’re predicting who will win or lose or whether the teams will draw. 

2. Total Goals (Over/Under)

In a total goals bet (also known as Over/Under), you’re betting on whether the total goals in the match will be over or under a specific value. The value is sometimes called the spread. 

3. Double Chance

A double chance bet is where you wager on two potential match outcomes. This reduces risk, as usually, at least one of the outcomes will occur.

4. Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is a unique betting format, as a handicap is applied to the odds to even the playing field. This is great if you’re keen to bet on the underdog.

5. Both Teams To Score

Both teams to score (BTTS) is a simple wager on whether both teams will score in one match.

6. Accumulators

Accumulators allow you to combine different bets into one wager. All bets must succeed for the accumulator to win, making it a risky bet. However, the payouts with this type of bet are significant. 

7. Futures

Futures (or outrights) allow you to bet on long-term outcomes. This usually includes league winners or top goal scorers. However, these must all be placed before the specific competition begins.

Managing Your Bankroll Effectively

Another aspect of football betting some newcomers neglect is bankroll management. Alongside understanding the game and strategies, you must know how to maintain a steady bankroll to protect your finances. 

What Is A Bankroll?

In sports betting, your bankroll is the total amount of money you budget for gambling. This should be an amount you can afford to lose, as football is unpredictable, and your wagers aren’t guaranteed to win.

So, when creating your bankroll, look at your income and expenses and dedicate a portion of your disposable income for betting.

How Do You Manage A Football Betting Bankroll?

Once you’ve decided on a budget, you must learn how to manage it for success. Here are some well-known strategies for bankroll management.

  • The unit system – Many bettors use the unit system to ensure they don’t make lots of large wagers. This involved separating your budget into “units.” Each unit is 1-3% of the overall bankroll amount. You can spend a predetermined number of these per session or one per bet.
  • Use betting limits – Betting limits help you avoid spending too much at once. You can set personal limits for individual, daily, or weekly bets. You may also want to have a loss limit. You must stop betting until your next session if you reach the loss limit figure. Some sportsbooks have built-in limit features you can use to regulate your wagers.
  • Adjust your bankroll – You should also regularly check the progress of your bankroll and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, it might be time to change your bets after a string of losses.
  • Record your wagers – In order to monitor your bankroll and wagers, you should consider keeping records. This could be via a spreadsheet, notebook, or anything that allows you to look back and reflect on your progress.

How To Reinvest Your Football Betting Winnings

Once you’ve won some football bets, you might be interested in strengthening your bankroll by reinvesting them. Using a strategy for reinvesting is important, as this will keep your bets consistent and more likely to win.

For example, some bettors slowly increase bet sizes rather than suddenly placing huge wagers. You may also want to continue with the strategy you’re using now and just keep the winnings aside for future bets of the same size. 

It’s best to avoid spending the winnings in one go. They’ll be gone in seconds if you experience a sudden loss, and you won’t benefit from them.

Staying Disciplined & Focused With Tips for Successful Football Betting

You’re in the right place if you want to know how to win a football bet. We’ve compiled a list of expert-approved betting tips to help you kick-start your football betting career.

Shop Around For Odds

As mentioned in the section on choosing a sportsbook, not all bookies are built evenly. Before you choose a place for GamStop-free football betting, compare the odds of a few sportsbooks. Look for odds that resonate with your research and provide better value. 

Use Bonus Offers 

Bonus offers are there for a reason! Most reputable bookies offer juicy welcome bonuses and free bets to entice you onto the platform. But don’t ignore them. Take advantage of these offers as they can make your money go further. 

Just make sure they align with your betting strategy. Otherwise, you may risk a loss.

Focus On A Specific League

Football betting involves a lot of research, and it’s nearly impossible to learn everything. Instead of betting on different leagues and competitions, focus your efforts on one specific league. This way, you can build a deeper foundation of knowledge and make more accurate predictions.

Diversify Your Bets

Once you find a type of bet or market that aligns with your strategy, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of only making the same bet. This is great while you’re winning. But if something unpredictable happens, all your bets are in one area, and you’ll experience a significant loss. 

To avoid big losses, spread your bets out over different categories. For example, you can use in-play betting, match bets, and accumulators to diversify your options.

Take Regular Breaks

Betting is fun, especially when you’re winning. However, you should maintain a balanced lifestyle and take frequent breaks from betting. Breaks give your mind time to rest and relax, leaving you with better focus and a rational mindset when you return. 

Signs you might need to take a break from betting include irritability, impulse decisions, lack of bankroll management, and tiredness. 

Be Disciplined

Overall, it’s good to take a disciplined approach to football betting. Making consistently sized bets and betting within set time limits will help reduce risk while ensuring steady returns. Don’t make random wagers or drop in and out of betting. Instead, to see success, create a plan and stick to it. 

Avoiding Common Betting Mistakes

When learning how to win a football bet, you need to know the ins and outs of the sport. You should also know the common mistakes most new punters make so you can avoid them yourself. 

Unlike other betting guides, we’re here to show you all sides of the story. Our experts have collected the most common mishaps they see and what you can do to bypass them. 

1. Betting On Your Favourite Team

If you’ve grown up as a football fan, you might be loyal to one team. However, you need to look past this personal bias in football betting! 

Instead of betting on your favourite, spend time assessing the odds and doing your research. Take a purely data-driven view, as statistics are the best way to predict a winner. 

2. Chasing Losses

Any expert bettor will tell you not to chase losses, but this is worth repeating! After a string of losses or a significant loss, you might be tempted to place more bets to re-win your cash back. 

Don’t do this! Making big bets on an impulse is more likely to cause a loss than sticking to your strategy. So, keep making researched bets in small and consistent amounts. This will balance your bankroll again, and any big losses will be evened out. 

3. Not Researching 

Is your gut feeling telling you to wager on a particular team? Don’t listen to it unless there’s solid research and analysis to back it up. Research is everything in sports betting, so take some time to look at mitigating factors and long-term trends before you place your stake.

4. Only Using Accumulators

An accumulator (also known as acca) is a type of wager that combines bets from multiple games into one. When successful, this provides an impressive payout. However, they come with increased risk and can lead to considerable losses. 

Don’t be tempted by the chance of a big payday. Place accumulators now and then, but don’t rely on them as your only wagers. Mix some other bets in for the best results.

5. Forgetting Match Context 

Sometimes, the context of a match can affect the odds. For example, cup competitions and team rivalries can lead to tense matches, misjudgements, and adrenaline-fuelled play.

6. Ignoring Home And Away Form

Did you know some teams perform better at their home stadium? This is called home advantage, and it can make a big difference in the likelihood of a win. Always look at where the teams are playing and past home successes to see if the players get an extra boost from playing on familiar soil.

7. Overlooking The Weather

Finally, you should also take the weather conditions into account. From extreme heat to severe rain, the weather can make it challenging to play. This is especially crucial if one of the teams is from a different country and is used to a different climate, such as in non-GamStop World Cup betting.

Maximising Your Profits with In-Play Betting

Live betting (also called in-play betting) allows you to place bets while the match is in progress. 

Unlike pre-match bets, live betting has dynamic odds and enables you to react to game developments as they happen. There are also more markets in live betting, such as the next player to score and the next transfer.

You can even utilise the “cash-out” feature. This unique in-play betting tool allows you to cash out as the match is going, so you can take advantage of the odds turning in your favour.

This form of betting isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth a try for all new football bettors. 

Staying Up-to-Date with Football News and Trends

We keep talking about research and how important it is to football betting. But you can’t just research once and never look at football news again. To be a successful football bettor, you need to look out for the latest news and trends to stay ahead of the game. 

Where To Find Football News and Trends

Want to stay in the loop? Here are some of the best places to find football news.

  • Sports news websites – Websites like BBC Sport and ESPN give professional football news coverage. They also provide real-time transfer updates, player interviews, and match reports. You can set up notifications from these websites to ensure you hear the news as it breaks.
  • Social media pages – Thanks to modern technology, most sports outlets now use social media to give you even more updates. Perfect if you want sports content right on your feed.
  • Dedicated apps – If you don’t want to use social media or Google to find sports news, you can find dedicated apps, such as the BBC Sport one.
  • Official football club websites – Each football club has an official website that offers the latest news, statements, and player movements. Don’t focus on just one, though. Look at a broad range of clubs for an unbiased picture.
  • TV channels & radio shows – Sports TV channels and radio are another popular way to get the latest information. Talk Sport is an especially popular option for UK punters.
  • Online forums – If you want to hear analysis from real punters, online communities and forums are a great place to explore. But be mindful that not all information is verified on these websites.

Diversifying your sources and getting news from different platforms is a good idea. This ensures you don’t end up with a biased perspective and gives you a broader view of the game.

Benefits Of Staying Up-To-Date With Football Trends

Keeping up-to-date with the latest sports news might seem a bit full-on for newbies. However, immersing yourself in the football community offers plenty of benefits. 

Firstly, engaging with the latest football news helps you make better betting decisions. You’ll know more about team forms, tactical changes, and player fitness than if you were betting without the latest news. 

This extra also helps you make assessments of the odds and potential wins (value bets). Recognising mispriced odds can lead to big wins, so never skip the research!

Monitoring the latest trends and news also provides more enjoyment in sports betting. Following the trends and understanding the nuances can add depth to your experience, making it more exciting than just looking at numbers and guessing. 

How To Bet On Football Responsibly 

Football betting is an exciting hobby that brings you closer to the action and allows you to earn some extra cash. However, it’s critical that you prioritise responsible gambling, or you run the risk of impacting your personal life and well-being. 

What Is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is all about engaging in betting and gambling with a controlled and mindful approach. This is to help you minimise harm and avoid significant financial losses. You should also strive to make rational decisions based on analysis and research and avoid impulsive or emotional bets. 

At the end of the day, gambling and sports betting are all about having fun. If betting becomes more compulsive than recreational, it might be time to step back or seek professional advice.

Responsible Betting Strategies For Football Betting

Many of the strategies we’ve addressed in this blog are part of responsible gambling. However, we’ve selected the most important ones to help you create a safe football betting plan.

  • Setting a realistic budget and goals
  • Disciplined bankroll management
  • Avoiding emotional or impulse bets
  • Using limit features (e.g. deposit limits or time limits)
  • Balancing your lifestyle with non-betting activities
  • Taking breaks when needed
  • Avoiding betting when under the influence 

What To Do If Football Betting Becomes A Problem

If you’ve noticed that football betting feels compulsive and has lost the element of fun, you might need to take a prolonged break. You should also step back from betting if it’s starting to impact your finances, relationships, work, or health. 

Plenty of professional help organisations offer 24/7 anonymous and non-judgemental advice. These can be accessed via live chat or telephone to ensure all punters can get help when needed. 

Alternatively, you can sign up for a self-exclusion scheme like GamStop. Self-exclusion programs block you from accessing betting websites and gambling accounts, therefore forcing you to take a break from betting. The shortest self-exclusion period from GamStop is six months; at this time, you can’t access any UKGC websites.

Some independent sportsbooks don’t work with GamStop. However, most allow self-exclusion when you directly contact the customer service department.

How To Win Football Bets – The Bottom Line

So, there we have it! Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn how to win a football bet without making common errors. You’ll quickly see results once you put these tips and tricks into action. But remember to go slow and use risk management strategies at the same time. Good luck!
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