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EVS Betting Explained: Understanding the Meaning of EVS in Sports Betting

What Does EVS Mean In Betting

If you’re new to sports betting, you may not have encountered an EVS bet before. But don’t panic! These odds are easy to read, and you’ll be able to get in on the action in no time. 

In this blog, we’ll walk you through what EVS means in betting and how to place an EVS bet, and we’ll give our top tips to help you succeed. 

What is EVS Betting?

So, what does EVS mean in betting?

EVS typically stands for “evens” or “even money.” This betting format refers to an event where two opponents are evenly matched, and both are likely to win. In fact, with EVS bets, predicting a winner is often impossible, and you have to look at alternative factors (e.g., who has the home advantage or more recent wins).

Since the odds are equal in EVS bets, there aren’t any favourites or underdogs. Evens don’t happen often, so it’s good to understand how they work in case one appears. 

Simply, EVS or evens is a term used by bookies to describe equal odds. 

What Does EVS Mean In Football Betting?

EVS betting can be used for different sports. The main factor needed is equal odds. 

In football, EVS or “evens” refers to two teams that are both just as likely to win. For example, the odds would be even if Team A and Team B had similar skills and recent win history. 

What Are The Odds For EVS Betting?

EVS bets have 1/1 in fractional odds and 2.0 in decimal odds. 

If successful, every £1 you bet on evens odds gives you £1 back. So, a £100 wager will return £200 (£100 winnings and your original £100 stake). No matter your bet, EVS odds will double your stake if you win.

Regardless of which sportsbook or betting site not on GamStop you choose, the odds will be the same for an EVS bet.

Are EVS And EV The Same In Sports Betting?

No! EVS and EV are two different terms in sports betting. EVS stands for evens, a bet you can place when teams are well matched. EV stands for Expected Value. EV is the amount you can win or lose if you place the same wager on identical events over time. 

Make sure you don’t use an EV calculator for your EVS bets. They’re different concepts, and mixing them might affect your betting strategy.

EVS Bets And Live Betting

EVS bets are a popular option for live betting, as when the odds are 50% or higher, it’s easier to cover your bet. For example, if you’re unsure how the game will unfold and you’ve wagered on a 2.00 (1/1),  live betting formats allow you to surrender the extra 0.5 and withdraw your cash as soon as the bookies offer a price double your earnings.

How Does EVS Betting Work?

EVS betting is possible when bookies release 1/1 odds, and you bet on these just like you’d bet on any others. However, we’ve prepared a quick overview of making an EVS bet to help you make the most of your wager.

1. Understand The EVS Odds

Though EVS odds are quite simple, you should still take a moment to ensure you understand the probability. If you see 2.00 or 1/1, know your wager will be doubled if you win.

2. Research The Game

Though the bookies have decided that both teams are equally likely to win, you should still conduct your own research and analysis to gauge which team might win. For example, before betting on non-GamStop football, you should look at recent results, team dynamics, rivalries, injuries, and player transfers. 

3. Calculate Your Wager (risk)

Next, you should examine your bankroll and calculate how much you can afford to wager on the game. Never wager more than you can afford. Otherwise, you may end up with financial problems. 

You should also calculate your potential payout. This is easy for EVS bets, as it’s double your initial wager. For example, if you wager £20 and win, you’ll receive £40 back (this includes your initial £20 bet). 

4. Take Advantage Of Bonuses

Once you’ve chosen your stake and team, you’re ready to place your bet. But before you confirm your betting slip, check if you can apply any bonuses or promotions. Some online sportsbooks offer sports welcome bonuses and free bets, which can significantly boost your winnings.

5. Confirm Your Bet

Now you’re ready to place your bet! Review your selections and double-check your wager before you press confirm.

Advantages of EVS Betting

Now you understand how EVS betting works, it’s time to look at the advantages of this betting strategy. Here are the main benefits to note:

  • Consistent returns – If you make consistent EVS bets, you’ll likely make steady returns, even if some bets fail. This is due to the balanced nature of these odds.
  • Easier underdog bets – Often, the odds are skewed against underdog teams. However, with even odds, you can bet on the underdogs with a 50% chance of winning. 
  • Flexible odds – EVS odds can be used in any sport with an equal chance between two outcomes. So, understanding them makes it easy to navigate them no matter where they appear. 
  • Simplicity – Calculating your winnings on an evens bet is easy, as it’s double your wager. This makes it easy for newcomers to get involved. 
  • Exciting experience – Since EVS odds can go either way, they’re sometimes more exciting than other types of odds.
  • 50% chance of success – EVS odds give you a 50% chance of winning, which is much higher than other odds. 

There are many advantages to EVS betting, but you should always approach sports betting carefully. Research each bet and only wager as much as you can afford to lose. Otherwise, you might run into financial issues or problem gambling behaviours

Tips for Successful EVS Betting

If you’re searching “What does EVS stand for in betting?” you might also be interested in expert-approved betting tips. Our team has gathered the top tips to enhance the chance of evens betting success, so bookmark this page to ensure you save these details!

Consider Home & Away Performances

Even odds show that the competing teams are well-matched. However, factors like home advantage can give you insight into which team will come out on top. The home team will often play better and have a stronger defence at their stadium.

Stay Up-To-Date With Team News

Last-minute changes, transfers, and injuries can seriously affect the team’s play. So, keep monitoring the news until before the match to ensure you don’t miss any critical updates. 

Examine The Weather Conditions

Again, with EVS odds, the playing field is very equal. Looking at external factors like the weather can help you work out how the match will unfold. For example, some teams may not perform well in extreme heat or wet conditions. Look at past matches to gauge if the weather will affect their performance.

Look At The Odds In Other Markets

EVS odds are associated with match outcomes. However, you can look at the odds for other markets to see whether they’re skewed towards a certain team. You may also want to look at different sports books and new GamStop-free betting websites to see whether the odds differ across the board. Shopping around for odds before you go all-in is always a good idea. 

Ignore Personal Bias

If one of the teams competing is your favourite, you might be tempted to wager for them. However, EVS bets require a non-biased mind. So, forget your personal ties to the game and look at the chances from an analytical perspective. 

Keep Researching

Like any other type of bet, you should continue researching and analysing the game and team information before betting on an EVS bet. The odds may be 1/1, but you should still do your due diligence. You might find some information that gives you a tip and a higher likelihood of a win.

EVS Betting vs. Other Odds Formats

EVS betting is a wager with even odds, and this can be shown via any of the three mainstream odds formats. Here’s how EVS/evens bets look in all three:

  • Decimal Odds – 2.00
  • Fractional Odds – 1/1
  • Moneyline Odds – +100 or -100

If you’re a UK-based bettor, you’ll likely see decimal or fractional odds. Moneyline odds are rare outside of the U.S., as they’re based on wagers of $100.

Conclusion: Is EVS Betting Right for You?

EVS betting is a simple concept, but you need to know the teams and games very well to win your wager. Since the bookies consider the odds completely even, the game can swing either way. While you can win big, you can also suffer a significant loss. So, think carefully before making any big wagers on EVS bets. 
Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand EVS betting. Brush up on other sports betting topics via the Non-GamStop Betting blog.

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