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Tricast Bets Explained: Guide to Mastering Your Wager

What Is A Tricast Bet

Watching the races gives you ample opportunity to flex your betting muscles. But before you go, make sure you know your tricasts from your forecasts. 

Today, we’re looking at what a tricast bet is, how it works, and how you can ensure your wagers will likely succeed. Keep scrolling to become an expert in time for the starting pistol. Let’s get into it!

What Is A Tricast Bet?

So, what are tricast bets? Tricast bets are used in greyhound and horse racing. They allow bettors to predict the exact order of the first three finishers in the race. 

Tricast bets require lots of accuracy, as your wager needs to predict the correct sequence of the first three finishers. Getting the three racers isn’t enough. You also need to predict the first, second, and third positions. 

Since tricast bets are more complex, they offer higher returns than more straightforward wagers. Also, the odds for a successful tricast bet are often longer than for basic bets (e.g., win or place bets). 

Experienced bettors usually favour tricast bets as they require more knowledge and insight. But you don’t need years of racing experience to get involved. Keep reading the guide to learn more about becoming a tricast bet expert.

Tricast vs Forecast Bets

Tricast and forecast bets are both popular wagers for greyhound and horse racing. The main difference is how many racers you can bet on. A tricast focuses on the first three finishers (first, second, and third), whereas a forecast looks at the first two positions (first and second).

How to Place a Tricast Bet

Placing a tricast bet is easier than you might expect. Before placing a tricast bet on an online sportsbook or non-GamStop betting site, here are the steps you need to take.

  • Find a reputable betting site – Look for online sportsbooks with reputable licences, such as UKGC or Curacao betting sites.
  • Sign up for an account – Make sure you enter your genuine information and complete any KYC checks. You might not be accepted if you use fake details.
  • Make a deposit and redeem bonuses – Once your account has been set up, make a deposit and redeem any available bonuses. Top sports betting bonuses include welcome packages and free bets.
  • Find your desired sport – You’ll need to navigate to the horse racing or greyhound racing section for a tricast. Find your specific race and market.
  • Select the tricast bet and choose your selections – To make a tricast bet, you’ll have to select the “Tricast Bet” option. These are usually located in a list of bets. 
  • Enter your stake and review your bet slip – Always double-check your bet slip before confirming.
  • Confirm your wager and enjoy the race – If your selections win, your winnings will be credited into your account.

How to Find a Reputable Sportsbook

Need to find a sportsbook to get started? Here are some features you should explore before you create an account. 

  • Legitimate licence
  • Variety of payment options
  • Horse racing or greyhound racing opportunities
  • Wide selection of sports and markets
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Online safety features

When in doubt, expert reviews can help you find a compatible betting website. If you’re not sure, skip the site and move on to the next!

Calculating Tricast Bet Odds

Part of tricast betting is understanding the odds. Since tricast bets are used for greyhound racing and horse racing without GamStop, the odds are usually in the fractional format.

Fractional odds are shown with a slash (/), and the first number shows your potential profit, while the second shows the potential stake. For example, odds of 8/1 show you’ll win £8 for every £ wagered on a correct bet.

For a tricasting bet, you’ll need to identify the odds for each selection. You’ll then need to multiply the odds together to work out the total odds for the whole bet. For example, if you want horses A, B, and C to place first, second, and third, you’ll need to work out A x B x C to know the overall odds.

Tricast bets usually have higher odds than simple wagers. This means they need more research and come with more risk. However, the higher odds provide the potential for significant payouts.

Tips for Winning Tricast Bets

Knowing the top tips for winning tricast bets will help you start your experience with a bang. Here are some noteworthy tips and tricks to know:

1. Consider Track Conditions

In racing, the track conditions can impact the performance of the competitors. Some horses or greyhounds may perform better on specific surfaces, and some might find certain conditions challenging. Look at races on similar tracks to see who performs best.

2. Research Recent Form & Long-Term Trends

You should also take note of the competitors’ recent form. Are they on a winning or losing streak? Their latest races can tell you a lot about their potential performance. 

However, you shouldn’t only focus on recent races. Long-term trends can also help you make an informed tricast bet.

3. Study Weather Conditions

There are plenty of external factors that can affect race outcomes. An important one to watch is the weather. Horses and dogs will be affected by extreme heat, cold conditions, and rain. If the weather is particularly intense, you should expect disruptions to their normal performances.

4. Stay Informed About Breaking News

The news doesn’t stop once you’ve placed your wager. There will likely be late-breaking news up until the start of the event. This usually includes injuries, track condition updates, and jockey changes. Be ready to adjust your strategy based on last-minute developments.

5. Keep Your Bankroll Well-Managed

Alongside studying race-specific factors, you should dedicate some time to organising your bankroll. Keeping a tight budget minimises losses and sets your wagers up for success. Consistency and discipline are key here.

Top Tricast Betting Strategies & Wagers

If you’re searching “What is a tricast bet?” you might be interested in some expert-approved tricast betting strategies. 

1. Straight Tricast

A straight tricast bet is the traditional tricast strategy. This is all about backing three selections in a particular order with a single stake, and you only win if the selections finish in the predicted sequence. 

For this strategy, bettors use in-depth research and odds analysis to predict which horses will come in the top three spots. 

2. Combination Tricast

Unlike a straight tricast, a combination tricast allows you to back three or more selections to finish in the top three places. You can win the wager if your selections place in the top three, regardless of their order. 

It’s important to remember that the more selections you add, the higher the stake will be. So, more stakes might cover your wager more, but there’s also more risk. 

3. Keying Selections

Another popular tricast betting strategy is keying selections. This is where you identify two strongest competitors that are more likely to place (key selections) and then several less-strong runners to finish in the remaining position. 

Keying selections allows you to leverage the strength of your key selections while keeping the lower spots covered.

Tricast Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Alongside knowing how to make a tricast bet, it’s helpful to know the common pitfalls so you can supercharge your wagers. Note these down before you get started!

  • Neglecting research 
  • Overlooking recent form
  • Chasing long-shot odds without considering the actual probability
  • Betting on every race
  • Following the favourites
  • Overlooking value bets
  • Chasing losses
  • Emotional or impulsive betting

Tricast Betting in Horse Racing

Tricast betting is a popular option in horse racing betting, as it offers higher returns than place or win bets due to the in-depth knowledge and precision required. 

While long-time horse racing enthusiasts have the knowledge to make a successful tricast bet, anyone can join the fun with research and analysis. A combination of understanding, research, and careful analysis forms correct tricast horse racing bets. 

Some important features to analyse in horse racing include jockey performance, trainer strategy, equipment changes, and horse fitness. 

Perfect for those who enjoy studying the details and want a potentially larger payout. 

Tricast Betting in Greyhound Racing

Like horse racing betting, greyhound racing tricast betting also focuses on predicting the exact order of the first three finishers. 

Tricast betting in greyhound racing also requires expert knowledge, research, and careful analysis, and again, when correct, it provides a higher payout than alternative bets. 

When making a greyhound race tricast bet, key factors include track surface, running style, the dogs’ form, weather conditions, and track distances. 

Greyhound and horse racing tricast betting are very similar, and the mitigating factors are different. To succeed at both, prioritise sport-specific research and examine the latest news. 

What Is A Tricast Bet? The Takeaway

Tricast betting is a great way to level up your day at the races. Whether you’re new to horse or greyhound racing or a long-time fan, we hope this blog has helped you learn more about tricast bets and how to get involved. 
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