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Double Chance Betting: What You Need to Know

Double Chance Betting Strategies

Double betting is one of the most in-demand sports betting markets worldwide. From football matches to hockey games, these low-risk bets are versatile and worth knowing – and that’s where we come in!

In this blog, we’ll look at what double chance means in betting and how you can get involved. Scroll down to boost your knowledge in minutes.

What Is Double Chance Betting?

You might know your win-way bets and your handicaps, but what does double chance mean in betting?

Double chance betting is a technique that gives you a more significant chance of winning a single event. Bettors aim to reduce risk and make a safer wager by staking money on two of the outcomes of the bet.

For example, in football betting not on GamStop, you might cover:

  • Away team to match or draw
  • Home team to match or draw

Double chance betting is popular in football, but that’s not the only sport you can use it on. It’s available in all sports that have the possibility of a tie/draw. 

Types Of Double Chance Bets

Are you wondering what 1x means in betting? There are a few different types of double chance bets you can use. Here are the most common ones:

  • Double chance 1x – 1x bets is a simple wager on the home team to win or draw the game. 
  • Double chance x2 – So, what does x2 mean in betting? A x2 bet is when you wager on the away team to win or draw. This is riskier, as the home team often has a defence advantage at their stadium.
  • Double chance 12 – Double chance 12 bets are placed when you don’t have a strong opinion on the score outcome but are confident there will be no draw. In this case, both teams are strong and have equal chances of winning.

Advantages of Double Chance Betting

If you’re searching “What is double chance in betting?” make sure you also read the advantages of these unique wagers. This will help you decide whether it’s the correct strategy for you.

Pros of double chance betting:

  • Lower overall risk
  • Better chances of a win
  • Easy to understand for new punters
  • Allows you to back underdogs and still win
  • You get paid if either of the two outcomes occur
  • Insurance against draws
  • Steady returns

Double chance is a great strategy for sports bettors who want to lower risk and increase their likelihood of winning. Just ensure you know how to place a bet before starting!

How to Place a Double Chance Bet

When you place a double chance bet, you’re wagering on two potential outcomes and increasing your win chances. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Choose a reputable sportsbook or offshore betting site
  • Create an account and take advantage of potential bonuses
  • Navigate to the sportsbook section
  • Select your desired match and market. Double chance bets are usually labelled as “Double Chance,” 1X, X2, or 12.
  • Make your betting selection
  • Enter your wager and confirm the bet

Always take time to read through your wagers before you send them off. You should also read the terms and conditions of the bet, withdrawal and deposit information, and bonus wagering requirements.

Tips For Winning With Double Chance Betting

Like any betting strategy, there are some general tips you can use to improve your betting experience. Don’t forget to memorise these before you get started!

Use Relevant Bonus Offers

Sportsbooks and GamStop-free betting sites offer plenty of bonuses and promotions to elevate your experience. These can seriously boost your bets, so don’t neglect potential promos.

Bet On Games You Know

This sounds like an obvious tip, but it’s worth remembering. Don’t wager on unfamiliar games, as your lack of knowledge makes your bets riskier. Instead, focus on matches and markets you’ve researched.

Start With Small Amounts

Don’t go all-in with big wagers if you’re new to betting. Start with small amounts and slowly work up as you gain confidence and knowledge.

Don’t Ignore The Last-Minute Changes

From player transfers to injuries, last-minute changes can seriously affect the odds. Keep monitoring the sports news until the last moment to ensure your bets are as accurate as possible.

Double Chance Betting vs. Other Betting Options

Many bettors prefer double chance betting to traditional win-way or match bets. This is because double chance wagers cover two out of three potential outcomes, meaning there’s less chance for a big loss. 

Double chance bets also offer more flexibility, especially when betting unpredictable matchups or when backing the underdogs. 

It’s a great strategy to embrace if you’re looking for a low-risk alternative to other betting options. However, double chance betting does have lower odds, which provide lower payouts when successful. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Double Chance Betting

Alongside studying how to make a double chance bet, make sure you remember these common mistakes our team sees all the time. 

  • Forgetting team analysis – Even though it’s a low-risk strategy, you must know the team’s form and recent performances. 
  • Chasing losses – Chasing losses is never a great idea, so don’t up your wagers to try and recover previous losses.
  • Ignoring the odds – Always consider the odds’ value and shop around at different bookies for the best value.
  • Disregarding home and away form – Some teams play better than others at home. Always consider where the match is happening.

Double Chance Betting Strategies for Beginners

Placing a double chance bet reduces your risk. But you can further reduce your risk by following tried and tested double chance strategies. Here are the top picks for new bettors:

1. Betting On The Favourite

Betting on the favourite in double chance betting is about covering the favourite team’s chances of winning or drawing. This is a good idea when there’s a clearly stronger team, as you increase your chances of winning by covering both outcomes.  

2. Choosing The Underdog

If you think the underdog team has a good chance of winning or drawing, you might want to bet on the underdog to lose or draw. This strategy often goes against the favourite odds, so make sure you’ve done your own research to back up your wager. 

3. Covering Draws

Finally, if both teams are equally matched and there’s no clear potential winner, you might want to bet on both teams with a double chance. This covers the chance of a win or draw for both teams. It’s a great way to lower risk and exclude potential losses.

Conclusion: Is Double Chance Betting Right for You?

Double chance betting is an excellent technique to explore if you want low-risk wagers and a higher chance of winning. Like any betting technique, go slow and ensure you’re making well-researched bets for the best outcomes. 

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