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David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt

Hi! David Goldblatt here, the lead author at I’m pleased you’ve chosen to visit this site and have taken the time to learn more about little old me. Since I was a teenager, sports betting has enthralled me. I’ve always been a keen player of sports (football and cricket are my two favourites, but I’m partial to a bit of golf) and soon realised the excitement that betting added to the experience. 

It led me to explore a career in sports journalism before going down the online betting path. I still write the odd freelance sports article now and then, but most of my time is spent creating awesome content for this website. 

I’m nearly 40 now, so I’ve pretty much been using bookmakers for just over 20 years. Rest assured this means I’ve seen everything in the online gambling world and know exactly what it takes to spot trustworthy betting sites. 

There’s a lot more to share about my journey, so here’s a deep dive into my life and how I became a author.

My Bio – Key Things To Know About Me!

  • Age – 38
  • Location – London, UK
  • Occupation – Co-founder & main author at, bookmaker review & occasional sports journalist
  • Favourite Sports – Football, cricket, cycling & golf
  • Key Hobbies & Interests – Play sports, attending iGaming conferences, going to local football matches
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How I Became A Non-GamStop Sports Betting Writer

David Goldblatt iGaming

I always remember my father took me to the local bookmaker when I turned 18 to place my first bet. It was a match between Arsenal and Newcastle United that finished 3-2. 

I lost the bet, yet the experience stayed with me. 

From then on I was always placing low-stakes bets on accumulators or doubles, purely for enjoyment. I never expected to win any money and it was fun going to the bookies with friends. My love of sports pushed me into a career in journalism and I became a sports writer after graduating from uni in 2006. 

What followed were some of the best years of my life. I got to watch my favourite sports and write about them – but there was always an itch to learn more about gambling in the back of my mind. Specifically, I was intrigued by responsible gambling and risk assessments in online betting. Sports betting was still a huge passion of mine and I really wanted to help others enjoy it responsibly. 

So, I started a blog. It was my pride and joy; a place where I could write about sports betting and provide tips and tricks to ensure others could enjoy it safely with me. This was around the mid-2010s and I branched out my blog by reviewing some of the biggest bookmakers in the UK. 

When GamStop was announced in April 2018, I noticed a massive trend in online betting. The added restrictions meant lots of punters would look for alternative betting sites – usually outside the UK. Unfortunately, they struggled to find reliable bookies and ended up on black market platforms with huge security risks. 

I realised I had to do something, and so I started writing as much as I could about non-GamStop sports betting. It became a personal mission to direct punters to safe betting sites outside GamStop, so they never put themselves at risk. 

After a few years of doing this, a friend I met at an iGaming conference reached out and asked if I was interested in making a site with him. And so the first seeds of were sewn. We worked tirelessly to get the site up and running where it is now the go-to hub for everything to do with sports betting not on GamStop. 

That leads us to where we are right now. Hopefully, you guys can come with me as we write more pages of this story together! 

What Made You Follow A Career In Sports Betting?

Loads of my friends and family members ask this all the time. I had a successful sports journalism career and there are other things I’m passionate about. Conservation and green energy are two things very close to my heart, yet I chose a career in online sports betting. 

Why? Because it felt like the right thing to do. I always want to help people and there is a massive responsible gambling issue in the UK. People don’t know how to bet responsibly and the strictness of the UKGC often does more harm than good. I want to show people that sports betting can be fun and you don’t have to let it ruin your life. 

So, I wrote about my experiences and provided my honest opinions on things. People seemed to like it and I’ve had many messages from punters who say my work helped them fall into better gambling habits. 

Now, I’m able to provide punters with trusted non-GamStop sports betting sites where they can feel at home. They get the same enjoyment I got when I was 18 betting for the first time, without worrying about things like self-exclusion schemes or scams. 

Betting is something I will always be passionate about – so why wouldn’t I want a job that lets me talk about it?! 

Common Questions For David Goldblatt

What is your favourite sport to bet on?

It has to be football. Partially for the nostalgia but also because there are so many markets and hundreds of ways to bet. Nothing beats a cheeky £1 accumulator on a Saturday with the hopes of turning it into a fortune.

What are your opinions on GamStop?

As an advocate for responsible gambling, I like that GamStop exists. All punters need to have access to tools that help them take a break when things go wrong.

My issue is that the scheme is far too strict. It blocks punters for years when all you really need is a short break. Being excluded from British betting sites pushes bettors to find non-UK bookies – and that’s where issues happen. It’s too easy to find bad sites and fall victim to scams, but we’re here to put a stop to that.

What is the number one responsible gambling tip you’d give to punters?

God, where do I start? Umm, if I can only pick one tip, it would be to bet for fun rather than with the intention of winning. Do it as a social thing with friends and bet what you’re not afraid to lose. If you go into things with the mindset of trying to win money, it will never end well.

Do you like the UKGC?

People ask me this a lot and my honest answer is…sometimes.

I like them when they introduce good regulations to keep players safe or to ensure we don’t get ripped off. I don’t like them when they make betting extremely restrictive and suck the fun out of it.

In my eyes, there should be more focus on educating the British public about responsible gambling and teaching people from a young age how to gamble responsibly. Adding countless barriers frustrates players and they’re more likely to make rash decisions.

What’s a big sports betting change you’d like to see in the future?

It might seem controversial, but I want to see a switch to paperless sports betting. I’m not saying get rid of brick-and-mortar bookmakers, but do away with paper bet slips. As someone passionate about the environment, I think traditional paper bet slips are a waste of paper and we could save so many trees a year by going paperless.