Last updated: 02/04/2024

How We Rate Bookies

When you read a review for betting sites not on GamStop at, it comes with a final rating. This rating hasn’t been made up on the spot – it’s the result of countless hours of testing and analysis.

We’ve got a very strict review process on our site as it’s the only way to guarantee you find the best non-UK online bookmakers. On this page, we’ll run you through every step in our review process to see how we rate bookies.

A Breakdown Of Our Sportsbook Review Process

The best place to start is with a rundown of how we review every website at In theory, it’s not very complicated at all. We simply find a new site and become members. 

With an active account, we’re free to test and use the site as much as possible. We will aim to test a GamStop-free bookmaker for at least one week, but we’re usually there for a bit longer. It’s our job to uncover every single feature and to assess our essential review criteria. 

Once we’ve got all the information we need, we can start writing the review. All points are covered in every review, so you get a full and honest overview of the betting site. In the end, we look at our experience using the site and consider all the main features before providing a rating out of 10. 

That’s the basis of how our review system works – but what are the essential review criteria we pay close attention to? 

Revealing Our Essential Review Criteria

Thanks to decades of experience navigating the online betting world, we’ve come across numerous features that you must know about before joining a site. 

Our team will find information on all of the following features, giving you the most comprehensive analysis of any non-GamStop sports betting website: 


This is a non-negotiable for us. There must be clear signs of cybersecurity practices to protect players and their data. If bookmakers not on GamStop don’t have a secure web connection with SSL encryption, they’re immediately wiped from our list. We only review and recommend sites with basic security features so you can feel confident that you will be safe no matter what. 

Betting Licences

Another key thing to know before joining an online betting site is whether or not it’s licensed. We specialise in betting sites outside GamStop, meaning we only showcase non-UK bookmakers. None of the sites have a UKGC licence, but they may have an offshore one. If a site does not have a licence, we will explicitly show this. 

Registration Process

How do you join the online sports betting website you’re looking at? We look at the registration process and provide details on how you sign up and what’s required of you when you join. In our experience, the best bookies are ones with quick and simple registration processes. 

Verification Requirements

This often goes hand in hand with the registration process, so we check if there are verification requirements. Thankfully, most betting sites outside the UK will not require KYC verification when joining. If they do impose verification requirements after this, we make a note of them and explain what to do to pass them. 

Sports Betting Markets

Clearly, it’s paramount that an online bookmaker provides ample sports betting markets. This is one of the biggest factors affecting a site’s rating. If it can’t cover popular sports like football, tennis, golf or cricket, expect to see a low rating. Generally, bookies with no GamStop providing the largest sportsbooks get the highest ratings. 

Bonus Offers

Betting sites should offer bonuses to players. It’s not “essential” but we place a lot of value on bookmakers with great deals. Welcome bonuses are analysed with a focus on things like minimum deposits and wagering requirements. We also keep an eye out for any no-deposit bonuses without GamStop. 

Bookmakers with plenty of ongoing bonus deals also fare well in our reviews. After all, it shows a commitment to rewarding loyal punters, which we’re all for! 

User Friendliness

Why join sports betting sites not under GamStop if they provide a terrible user experience? We test and check that bookies have fast page loading speeds and mobile compatibility. Being available in English is obviously a necessity, as is the availability of English-speaking player support. Needless to say, a sportsbook will score low on our scale if it’s difficult to use. 

Responsible Gambling

All sites must offer some responsible gambling features. We look for any resources provided by the bookmaker, as well as the presence of self-exclusion services. These betting sites aren’t connected to GamStop, yet they should still give punters a chance to exclude if they think it will help. 

Payment Systems

The final thing we look at are the payment systems. How can you deposit or withdraw money? What are the minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal limits for members? Sportsbooks offering a diverse range of payment methods with low limits and easy ways to withdraw money will always get points towards a high rating from us. 

More Things We Look At When Rating Betting Sites 

All the things we’ve listed will help us determine if a betting site is worthy of your attention. But when it comes to comparing the best sites and figuring out who to recommend over other bookies, we have to look at some additional factors. 

Specifically, we turn our attention to off-site things: 

Player Reviews

That’s right, we use other player reviews to help form our overall review. This gives an insight into what other people experience on a betting site, so we don’t end up with tunnel vision. We may have a wonderful time, but were we lucky? Looking at player feedback ensures we can give the most honest rating possible. 

Brand Reputation

The reputation of a brand says a lot. We conduct endless research to discover new stories or information about the betting site or the company that owns it. If we find loads of bad press or the brand is known for scamming people or being dodgy, we’ll mention it in the reviews. Even if a site ticks all the right boxes before this, its rating will be negatively affected by a bad reputation. 

Why Trust Our Non-GamStop Betting Site Reviews?

Quite clearly, we take this very seriously. Believe us, we’d get a lot more reviews done if we took a relaxed approach and just placed a few bets before giving our thoughts on the site. 

We’ve come across plenty of non-GamStop betting review sites that do this (we won’t name any names) and the reviews simply suck. It’s disingenuous, which is why we spend days compiling every review before it gets uploaded. 

If you’re still wondering why you should trust us, here are a few more reasons: 

  • Over 10 years of experience in online sports betting
  • Pros and cons shown in every review
  • We have no affinity with any betting site, so can provide truly unbiased opinions
  • Every site is tested for at least one week using real money, by real people
  • All our reviews are 100% unique and not just copied & pasted from elsewhere

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The grind never stops at We’ve uploaded plenty of reviews and there are many more to come. If you’d like to stay updated with the latest goings on in the GamStop-free betting community, then bookmark our site and keep checking our review page. 

We promise to continue delivering high-quality reviews by following our tried and trusted review process. For examples of how our reviews turn out, check out the latest sites we tested:

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Answering Questions About How We Rate Bookies

What do you look at when assessing a site’s sports betting options?

We primarily look at the number of sports available to bet on. Then, we check to see how many markets within each sport are available, as well as the different ways you can bet on a match or event. The best sites will have long sports lists with plenty of ways for you to try and win money.

Do you care about odds when reviewing online sports betting sites?

Yes! This is taken into consideration, but it’s not the most critical factor. Generally speaking, most non-GamStop bookmakers have the same – or very similar – odds. We tend to care most about odds when comparing two bookmakers with extremely similar features to see if it gives one of them the edge.

Are your reviews updated regularly?

Yes, we are always monitoring the industry and will update our reviews the moment something changes. This could be a new welcome offer, a new sport added to a site or even the presence of a new contact option. Our ratings can change with these updates so they’re always accurate.

Can you explain what makes some payment systems better than others?

Good payment systems use secure and trusted payment gateways. They also offer well-known banking methods – such as credit cards, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, bank transfers and so on. You should also be able to deposit/withdraw money without a fee and get a reasonable withdrawal time.

What should I do if I have a question about a specific betting site review?

Hopefully, our review of the betting site will provide all the answers to any questions in your head. If you still have a burning query, you’re more than welcome to contact us. We’ll respond as soon as possible to answer your question in detail.