Last updated: 02/04/2024

Our Terms & Conditions

We’re glad you’re using our site and enjoying the non-GamStop betting reviews. By visiting us and engaging in our content, you’re accepting our terms and conditions and privacy policy. 

We have provided a detailed breakdown of our terms and conditions below. They dictate the agreement between (we, us, the site, this site or the company) and the user (you, player, bettor, punter, gambler). If you are in direct violation of these terms, we reserve the right to ban you from our site or accessing any of our content. 

Should you have any disagreements with our terms or wish to reject them, you should refrain from using our website and services. We keep our terms updated all the time and there may be minor changes here and there, so continue to refer back to them to be fully aware of your agreement. 

Content & Services is an information site providing written content with tips and recommendations for UK punters. Our site is not an online bookmaker and we do not offer any financial transactions or advice on how to spend your money. 

There are no guarantees placed on any non-GamStop betting sites you join as a result of our content. You accept that it is your responsibility to choose which bookmakers to join and we will not be held accountable for your experience on any site linked to in our content. 

You must also accept that the content on our site can change at any given moment. We reserve the right to update reviews or delete content whenever we see fit. 

Intellectual Property

Every piece of content on this website is protected by intellectual copyright laws – unless stated otherwise. owns all the rights, titles and interests in the website. This includes all forms of content, such as blog text, graphics, visual designs, animations and more. 

You are not allowed to distribute our content without written consent. You are not allowed to copy our content without written consent. You are not allowed to make changes to our content without written consent. 

We express the right to take legal action if any of the intellectual property terms are breached by the user. 

Your Responsibility As A User

By using, you are subjected to the following responsibilities: 

  • You must be 18 years or older to access this site. Using our site under the age of 18 is in direct violation of our terms and we can ban your account.
  • This site is only available for personal use. You are not allowed to use it for any commercial purposes, such as advertising a business or service.
  • You accept full responsibility for anything that happens as a result of accessing this site. That includes any money lost when joining betting sites linked in our content, as well as data theft or viruses.
  • You accept full responsibility for noticing any errors in our content. We cannot guarantee that our content is 100% error-free and the user must make judgements themselves. 

No-Responsibility Disclaimer is not responsible for anything that occurs to users while using our website. We place no guarantees that the site is virus or malware-free. You are using our site at your own risk. We also have no responsibility for linking websites to our content. You must accept that clicking a link carries an element of risk, and it is your decision if you go through with it. 

Our company will also not be responsible for any losses you experience on betting sites recommended in our content. You choose to join these sites at your own risk and will be 100% responsible for what happens to them. We will not be liable to pay any financial compensation if you lose money. 

Unauthorised Activity Terms

Using our site means you agree to our unauthorised activity terms. You will not use this site in any way that intends to harm it or cause changes to the content. Unauthorised activities include – but are not limited to: 

  • Hacking the pages
  • Deleting content
  • Editing content
  • Disabling features

If we discover that you have engaged in an activity that causes a negative consequence on our site, we have the right to completely terminate and delete your account. You also accept that it is within our rights to pursue legal action to compensate for any losses experienced due to your actions. 

Complaints and Disputes

Should you wish to complain about our site, you must come to us directly. By using our website you agree that you will not submit a complaint to a third-party organisation without contacting us first. 

It will also be agreed that any disputes are handled by and the user. You agree to negotiate with our team and make an effort to resolve the situation. If neither party is able to find a suitable solution, you may take your complaints elsewhere. However, you agree that the complaint or dispute will remain confidential. You may only disclose information about your dispute with the third-party organisation you’re using. You agree to not make the details public or to take the complaint to the media. 

Doing so is a violation of our terms and conditions. We have the right to take legal action against you if you do this. 

Accessing Third-Party Sites

In acceptance of our terms, you respect that accessing all third-party sites linked to our content is a risk. Clicking on an outbound link will mean you accept that: 

  • You are the legal age to access the third-party site
  • You are accessing the site from a place where online gambling is legal
  • You are not in direct violation of any local online gambling laws in your location
  • You are not in direct violation of any rules or regulations detailed on the third-party site
  • You are ready to accept any financial losses when betting money at a third-party site


As a user, you are in agreement that this website and its team are free from any lawsuits or legal claims. This includes anybody who has worked on this website in some capacity. It also covers legal claims made against the site in relation to its content. 

Updating The Terms

As the website owner, we reserve the right to make changes to our terms and conditions. This can be done whenever we see fit. It is your responsibility to check for updates to our terms and conditions. We are not obliged to inform you of the changes.