Last updated: 02/04/2024

Privacy Policy

We hold your privacy in high regard and respect your wishes as a user. Our privacy policy details everything you need to know about how we collect and handle user data.

Should you have any questions about our privacy policy, you are more than welcome to contact us. 

Data Collected On Our Website

We have the right to collect data from users on our site. This is common practice on every website, and we will collect two types: 

  • Unidentifiable Data – This refers to any type of data that does not identify the user. It can include but is not limited to, the operating system of your web browser, the country you access the site from and the language you are reading the website in.
  • Identifiable Data – This covers user data that makes you identifiable. It covers a wide range of things, such as your IP address, email address, the exact device you’re using, time spent on our site, and so on. 

How Your Data Is Used

We use your data in various ways while corresponding with the latest data protection laws. It will not be shared with other parties or websites without your explicit consent. All the data we collect will go towards improving our website and making your experience on our site better. 

This includes providing you with new information on content updates, the latest bonus deals or anything else that we believe may interest you. Data collected by our website can also be used for email marketing material. 

By gathering your unidentifiable data – such as your browsing habits on our website – we can use this to improve User data helps fuel website structure changes or alterations to our content so you get a better experience. It allows us to continuously test and improve things. 

Your Privacy Rights As A User

Following general data privacy laws, you have certain rights relating to how your data is collected, used and shared. This includes the following: 

  • The right to request access to any data we’ve collected about you
  • The right to prevent us from obtaining your data in certain circumstances
  • The right to request that your data be deleted after collection
  • The right to update your data if it is inaccurate
  • The right to remove consent for us to collect and store your data

How Your Data Is Protected

Our website utilises SSL technology to maintain encryption on every single web page. You can see when this is active as there will be a padlock in the URL address bar. SSL encrypts all the data on a page and makes it virtually impossible for outsiders to see what information is being shared. 

Of course, no method of data protection will ever be 100% effective. We do our best to keep our site as secure as possible and will notify users of any potential data leaks. 

Our Children’s Data Privacy Policy

A user is legally classified as a child when they are below 18 years of age. As per our terms and conditions, we only allow users 18 years or older on our site. Therefore, we will never collect data from anyone younger than this. 

If we discover that you have used our site while being underage, we have the right to remove your account. 

Cookies & Data Tracking Technologies

User data is collected via cookies. These small data packets are found on every website and you leave crumbs whenever you visit. All users will be asked to give permission for us to track cookies when visiting the site. 

If you do not want us to track your cookie data, you must opt out. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to leave our site. We use cookies to analyse your browsing habits and see more details about where you were before reaching our site. It helps us track patterns in users – such as how you discovered us. This lets us improve our marketing efforts and make changes to our site. 

The user experience is greatly improved when cookies are allowed. It lets you fill forms in faster and find content that’s tailored to your interests. If you disable cookies, you do so with the knowledge that this may impact your user experience. 

How Long Your Data Is Stored On Our Site

Your data will be stored and used by us for as long as required. Under GDPR, you are allowed to submit a request for data deletion. You can do so by contacting our team and we will inform you when it has been done. 

Updates To Our Privacy Policy

By using this site you accept that our privacy policy can be updated or changed. It is not our legal responsibility to notify users when we change elements of our privacy policy. To ensure you understand your privacy rights, we strongly recommend reading this policy whenever you view our site.